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Prof. Ricci - English 101 - Spring 2020 - Amazon: Home

Walmart: The High Cost of Living

What follows topics where you can start developing your paper’s claim.  I’ve tried to follow the chronology of the video; however, some topics appear a number of times throughout the video.


The paper should be 5 – 7 pages and use at least 5 sources (In MLA format).


1.      Jeff Bezos’s business strategy (how he deals with competitors)



2.     “The Customer Comes First”  or the real issues with data collection



3.      Do you want to be an Amazon seller?



4.      Amazon’s treatment of workers at fulfillment centers



5.      Should Amazon (and FB, and Google) be broken up?  Is this an anti-trust case?



6.     Bezos and the Washington Post



7.     Is it a good idea for Amazon to create a Cloud service for government agencies?



8.     National Enquirer vs Bezos



9.     Expansion into other industries:  Whole Foods or Ring or AWS or Amazon Studios (Streaming) or Rekognition Tool or Alexa.  Examine the pros and cons of only one, please.  Remember you’ll need a claim here.



10.     For philosophy majors:  Should one person (or entity) have so much power even if his motives appear to be “pure.”


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