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Prof. Norbury - ENG101 - Conspiracy Theory - Spring 2020

Background Research / Developing Research Questions

Background Research - the Process:

  • Words or phrases that are specific to your topic.
  • Major ideas related to your topic
  • People places, time periods that are relevant to your topic
  • Additional readings on your topic
  • Information that answers basic information on your topic (the who, the what, the where, the when)

Developing Research Questions

As you start  reading about topic you should start thinking of questions you want to answer with your research. 

Your questions should include the "Who, What, Where, When, How and Whys" of a topic.  At the start of research they should ask very general question about your topic such: The first set of databaes should provide answer to basic questions on your topic (such as bullying) such as

What is _________?

Where does it take place?

Who is affected by _____________?

As you read more about your topic you question should get more specific  your question should get more specific

 What are the causes of ________________?

What are the effects of ________________?

What are the “pro” arguments about_______________?

What are the “con” arguments about ______________?

What should be done about ______________?

These questions will help guide you as you complete your research and form the content of your speech.