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Faculty Tool Kit: Embedded Librarian Program

Learn how to access the resources and services available at the Harold L. Drimmer Library

Embedded Librarian Program

A librarian, along with links to databases, tutorials and other course-specific resources, is embedded in the Blackboard shell to assist students at their point of need. Online, supplement and hybrid courses.

What is an Embedded Librarian?

Embedded librarianship is a collaborative experience involving the librarian, a class instructor and the students. The key element of embedded librarianship is to move librarians out of the traditional library setting and into a new framework for providing library services, creating an integrated and sustained library instruction presence in classes across the curriculum within their course Blackboard shells.

It results in students having a more indepth understanding of the information resources available to them for a specific class or assignment. It also results in the students having a specific librarian to contact for help. In addition, because in many cases the librarian has helpful guides, tutorials and discussion boards right in Blackboard, students don't need to go outside their class Blackboard for assistance.

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you should consider embedding a librarian in your class!

  • Do your students need help identifying a specific type of research such as empirical research or evidence based research?
  • Would you like your students to move past Google research to be able to find authoritative, scholarly sources?
  • Could your students benefit from knowing which of the 100+ databases available to them are best for their research paper or project?
  • Would your students benefit from being able to ask a librarian a question right in Blackboard?

Over 90% of faculty members responding to an end of semester survey said that having an embedded librarian helped their students do better quality research!

NOTE: Embedded Librarians do not interpret instructor’s assignments for students, discuss the marking rubric with students, or grade any assignments.  They will refer any non-research, course related questions to the instructor.

Sample Embedded Librarian in Blackboard

Is An Embedded Librarian Right for My Class?

Add an Embedded Librarian to Your COurse

To add an embedded librarian to your Blackboard course, click below: